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  Completed Projects  
Sr. No.ProjectsClientsYear
1 Cable laying contract for Al Ain areaW.E.D., Al Ain1979
2 Construction of Lube Oil Shed and associated facilitiesPublic Works Dept., Abu Dhabi1980
3 Access Road to Abu Dhabi New International AirportPublic Works Dept., Abu Dhabi1981-82
4 Complete construction of Internal Roads & Parking to Military Cantonment, EC/552 SweihanUAE Armed Forces (Engineering Corps.)1981-82
5 Roads & Parking, EC/483, SweihanUAE Armed Forces (Engineering Corps.)1981
6 Complete construction of Internal Roads & Parking to Military Cantonment, EC/550, EC/583 & EC/592UAE Armed Forces (Engineering Corps.)1982-83
7 Complete construction of Ramps & Earthwork for intersection of Abu Dhabi New International Airport wAbu Dhabi Municipality1983
8 Town Sector Roads W/52 & 52/01Abu Dhabi Municipality1983-86
9 Contract No. 63, Slope Protection for Contract No. 1 & 2Abu Dhabi Municipality1983-84
10 Abu Dhabi Water Distribution Mains, Phase-3 Cont.No. WED/WD/AD/154/84W. E. D., Abu Dhabi1983-84
11 Storm Water Drainage Project at Sector, W-52 & W-52/01Abu Dhabi Municipality1985-86
12 Al Wathbah Camel Race RoadsAbu Dhabi Municipality1985-87
13 Al Wathbah Prison Complex Roads & ParkingPublic Works Dept., Abu Dhabi1987
14 Abu Dhabi Break Water Roads at Corniche (Asphalt Work)Abu Dhabi Municipality1987
15 Officers’ City Area Roads Project Phase - I, Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Municipality1987-89
16 Roads in Mireifia’a & Ain Al Faydah, Al AinAl Ain Municipality1988
17 Sector Roads W-50Abu Dhabi Municipality1988-89
18 Roads & Parking for Sheikh’s Palaces, Stage I, Al AinAl Ain Municipality1989-90
19 Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Mussaffah Bridge to Interchange No. 4Public Works Dept., Abu Dhabi1989-90
20 Baniyas City Internal Roads, Sectors EB-3 & EB-4Abu Dhabi Municipality1991-92
21 Roads & Parking for Sheikhs’’ Palaces Stage II, Al AinAl Ain Municipality1989-90
22 Al Mafraq New CampBin Hafeez Establishment1990-92
23 Contract No. EC/872, Asphalt Works to the parade ground of :U.A.E. Armed Forces (Eng. Corps)1990
24 A) Maintenance of Internal Roads at ADIA, Aviation DepotADNOC-FOD1990
25 Plot No. 22 at Sector S-21 - Villa for, Mr. Salem Moh’d Hafeez Al MazrouiMr. Salem Moh’d Hafeez Al Mazroui1992-93
26 Police Station and Miscellaneous works for Police Directorate . Majlis & Villa at Al Wathbah CamePolice Directorate1990-92
27 Placing of subgrade materials over the levelled sand dunes Al Hayer to Sweihan RoadAl Ain Municipality1991
28 Abu Dhabi Town Roads Sector W-62Abu Dhabi Municipality1991-93
29 Mina Zayed Harbour Free Zone Roads Stage IAbu Dhabi Municipality1992-93
30 Contract No. 142/10, Defined Miscellaneous Urgent Sewerage Works - Phase 6 - Abu DhabiSewerage Projects Committee (Govt. of Abu Dhabi)1993-95
31 Officers City Roads Phase II, Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Municipality1993-95
32 Construction of Building for Mr. Nasser Khamis Al MazrouiDept. of Social Services & Commercial Buildings, (Emirate of Abu Dhabi)1993-94
33 Construction of Building for Heirs of Obaid Salem Balhoum Al MuhairyDept. of Social Services & Commercial Buildings (Emirate of Abu Dhabi)1993-94
34 ADSS Contract No. 159/4, Stormwater Project, Mina ZayedSewerage Projects Committee (Govt. of Abu Dhabi)1993-94
35 New Amiri Flight Facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Advance Bid Package A2Amiri Flight, Abu Dhabi1994
36 New Amiri Flight Facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Advance Bid Package A2Amiri Flight, Abu Dhabi1994
37 Construction of Roads, Parking areas, Storm & Wastewater Drainage for Esharig area in Al Ain.Al Ain Municipality1994-97
38 ADSS Contract No. 417/A, Khalifa Town “A”, Sewerage & Stormwater ProjectSewerage Projects Committee, (Govt. of Abu Dhabi)1994-96
39 New Police Residence Area Roads, ME-1 & ME-13 MussaffahAbu Dhabi Municipality1994-96
40 Khalifa Town “A” Internal Roads - South East SectorsAbu Dhabi Municipality1995-98
41 Internal Roads & Sewerage at Al BahyaPublic Works Dept., (Govt. of Abu Dhabi)1996-98
42 Internal Roads & Sewerage for 100 New Houses - South of Al Wahda Club.Public Works Dept. (Govt. of Abu Dhabi)1996-97
43 ADSS Contract No. 216/B, Khalifa City “B”Sewerage Projects Committee (Govt. of Abu Dhabi)1997-99
44 Construction of Roads, Parking Areas, Storm & Waste Drainage for Esharig in Al Ain Stage IIAl Ain Municipality1997-99
45 ADSS Contract No. 502/1Sewerage Projects Committee1988-99
46 Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Widening of Abu Dhabi - Dubai Road, Contract No.5Public Works Dept.1997-99
47 Construction & Paving of Internal Roads for low cost houses at Al Sulimat and Al MaqamPublic Works Dept.1998-2000
48 Internal Roads & Surface Water Drainage for Mussafah Industrial Area, Contract No. 962Abu Dhabi Municipality1998-2000
49 Internal Roads & Surface Water Drainage for Mussafah Industrial Area, Contract No. 962Sewerage Projects Committee1999-2000
50 Contract No. 953/1Internal Roads in Mussafah East Abu Dhabi Municipality1999-2001
51 ADSS Contract 219/B, Khalifa City “B”, Sewerage Works & Surface Water Trunk Lines, Sectors MFW 10, 1Sewerage Projects Committee1998-2000
52 Construction of Road and Bridge to connect Falaj Hazza and El Muwaiji areaAl Ain Municipality1999-2000
53 Stage Two (A) Roads, Parkings, Sewerage and Stormwater Drainage for Mezyad, Umm Ghafa and Al Ain Municipality2000-2003
54 ADSS Contract 515/5Surface Drainage for Airport Road Interchange, Amiri Flight Road andSewerage Projects Committee(Govt. of Abu Dhabi)2000-2002
55 Widening and Upgrading of “Interchange No.5 to Mafraq Bridge” RoadWorks Department(Emirate of Abu Dhabi)2001-2003
56 Contract No.D-00-0234Extension of Water Distribution Network in Mussafah and Industrial Area along Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity AuthorityAuthority2001-2003
57 Contract No.D-00-0176Development of Mina Zayed Sea Port Water SystemsAbu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA)2001-2004
58 ADSS Contract 408/1 Surface Water Drainage From Mafraq to Truck RoadCivil Works (Phase-1)Sewerage Projects Committee(Govt. of Abu Dhabi)2002-2003
59 Contract No. 994Bridge Interchange on Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road at MIP-3AAbu Dhabi Municipality2001-2003
60 Levelling & Earthworks at Al Shawamekh AreaWorks Department (Emirate of Abu Dhabi)2002
61 Contract No. MW-AF-164-2001Supply and Compaction of Filling at Al Dhafra Airbase (Zone –1A) Directorate of Military Works U.A.E.2001-2002
62 Filling and Earth Moving WorksAbu Dhabi Municipality2002 - 2004
63 Contract No. 974/1-5A Roads at Al Shamkha Area, Zone IIIAbu Dhabi Municipality2002-2004
64 Contract No.MW-AF-127-2002 Contract 2 – Paving (Zone 119)Al Dhafra Air BaseUAE Armed Forces 2003 - 2005
65 Contract No. MW-AF-166-2004 Aircraft Arresting System (Additional Work to ContractNo. MW-AF-127-2002UAE Armed Forces 2000-2003
66 Amiri Flight Airfield Expansion Package 002 – Aprons and TaxiwaysAmiri Flight, Abu Dhabi 2003-2005
67 ADSS Contract 724 Sewerage of Al Shamkha, Phase 3Sewerage Projects Committee2003-2004
68 Contract No. G1821-B ADWEA Access to SAS Al Nakhl Island Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA)2003-2004
69 Rehabilitation, Upgrading & Widening of Abu Dhabi – Dubai Road, Contract 1BWorks Department (Emirate of Abu Dhabi)2004-2008
70 ADSS Contract 728, Sewerage of Al Shamkha, Phase 6Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company2005-2006
71 Widening the Road between Shawamekh Roundabout and Zayed Military City at Abu Dhabi / Sweihan Road Works Department (Emirate of Abu Dhabi)2004-2007
72 Construction of Shaikh Zayed Bridge for Abu Dhabi Island, Contract IIIWorks Department(Emirate of Abu Dhabi)2004-2005
73 Contract No. W912ER-04-D-0003Refueler Ramp and Fuel Hydrant System, Al Dhafra Air Base, U.A.E.US Army Corps of Engineers(USACE) 2004-2005
74 Contract MW-OU-0298-2004 Construction of Border Chain Link Fence from Al Ain City to Umm Al ZoumoulUAE Armed Forces 2005
75 ADSS Contract No.223 Sewerage and Surface Water Network at Khalifa Bin Zayed City Phase 3 Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company2005-2007
76 ADSS Contract No. 731, Sewerage of Al Falah – Phase 3Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company2005-2007
77 Project for Development of Road from Intercontinental Roundabout to Khatam al ShaklaAl Ain Municipality2005-2007
78 Contract MW-AF-270-2006Construction of Subbase and Capillary Layers for ProjectConstruction of West UAE Armed Forces 2006
79 Contract No. MW-AF-004-2007 Maintenance of Runway (R31, L13) at Al Dhafra Air BaseUAE Armed Forces 2007-2008
80 Extension of existing runway at Al AjbanUAE Armed Forces 2007-2008
81 Contract No. A290101/2008/C/011 Al Falah Community Development – Enabling Works.ALDAR Properties pjsc2009