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Abu Dhabi
Project : Rehabilitation, Upgrading & Widening of Abu Dhabi – Dubai Road
Client : Abu Dhabi Municipality
Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE
Completed Date :
Description Of Projects :

Scope of work  :

The major work comprised of upgrading and widening of Abu Dhabi – Dubai Road laying 10Kms of Road, Construction of Bridge, construction of  interchange, Erecting Lighting and Electrical Distribution Work, Water Works, Telephone Surface Works, and Irrigation Works.


Besides the major work scope, the project work included General Highway Excavation, Embankment, Excavation for Structures, Removal of Structure, and Obstructions, Granular Subbase, Bituminous Paving Courses, Bituminous Prime Coat and Tack Coat, 'Pavement Repairs, Concrete Structure Construction, Reinforcing Steel, Post-tensioning, Bearing Units for Concrete Works, Bridge Deck Expansion Joints, Bridge Superstructure Loading Test, Paint for Exposed Surfaces of Concrete, Test Borings, Waterproofing for Concrete Structures, Piling to Structures, R.C. Culver for Gas Main Protection, Guard Rail and Delineators, Tiling, Kerbs and Concrete Barrier, Pavement Marking, Road Signing, RipRap and Gabionades Slope Protection, Services Works, Fencing, Reinforced Fill Retaining Walls, Lighting and Electrical Distribution Work, Overhead Electrical Lines Work, Surface Water Drainage.