Quality Policy

In recognizing the increasing role Quality Systems are gaining in the International Arena, Bin Hafeez Establishment is unique in taking the lead to positively reinforce its own quality Status.

Our objective is to concentrate on the complete dissemination of quality principles and techniques at all levels of the Establishment, so as to provide a quality service to the satisfaction of our Customers.  To achieve this, we have introduced a quality system which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

The implementation and maintenance of this Quality System not only ensure the continued satisfaction of our Customers, but also provide a platform for our future growth and the means to retain our competitive position in this evolving quality market.

Our Quality System has a permanent place in the corporate goals of the Executive Management, who are totally committed to achieve the highest possible standards through continuous improvement in our methods and practices.  All staff are encouraged to support the Executive Management in fulfilling this Quality Policy.