Quality Management System

Realizing the importance that quality has in customer satisfaction, we have established and implemented Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001, and was successfully certified with ISO 9001 in OCTOBER 1996. We have recently achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification in 2010.

Quality Control is about inspection and testing and preventing the defects from getting delivered to the customers while, Quality Assurance is about improving and stabilizing the associated processes to eliminate or limit the defects from occurring. Quality Management has acquired an increasingly predominant role in the company’s success not only in achieving customer satisfaction but also sustaining the competitive advantage through process improvements.

Today it has acquired a very strategic position in the BHE operations. BHE has all types and sizes of department operations and workforce have adopted structured Quality Management to achieve effectiveness in their operations to realize customer satisfaction and sustained growth.

BHE has trained employees through an IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditor) approved institute for internal audit of its departments in consonance with ISO 9001. The Lead Auditor is IRCA trained with overall responsibility to lead the team of internal auditors to carry out the Internal audit in a planned manner.